LH Project Resident and Guest Housing


• 4 bedrooms

• 1 ½ baths

• Full kitchen

• Hi-speed Internet

• Large garden

• Greenhouse

• 800 Square ft. studio with:

  - 1227 and 1027 Skutt electric kilns

  - (2) 45 cubic ft. Propane kilns

  - Four electric wheels

  - A kick wheel




As part of every residency and for our guest artists, we provide housing in a serene respite in the neighboring town of Enterprise. Able to accommodate up to six people, the house features a full kitchen, bath, and an adjoining greenhouse and solarium. The house is surrounded by vibrant local flora and we invite green thumbs to dig in the rich Wallowa County soil. On the grounds is a private 800 sq ft studio where artists can work.


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