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James Tingey – LH Project

Artist Statement

My interest and investigations into the vocabularies of processes drives my work. Through a straight-forward, formal language, I seek to affirm and expand the notions of ceramic objects as integral to daily experience. Utilizing an array of materials and processes, I seek to draw out formal relationships between material and actions. Through rich and varied surfaces, I invite the user to investigate and explore surfaces and form. I am interested in the ways that pottery is used to punctuate our lives and becomes integrated into our experience of the everyday.

Integral to my studio practice is the development of layers of information contained within the work. These layers are both superficial and embedded within processes, i seek to utilize and integrate hand built, wheel, and slip cast formed objects and elements within works to fully explore the vocabularies these processes are suited towards.

I am invested in the range of atmospheric firing processes, utilizing form and flame to dictate and enhance surface with in my functional and vessel works. I am interested the interactions between pattern, chance, accumulation, and erosion to enrich surface. Through addition and removal, surfaces serve as a record of an object’s history. The work allows the viewer to transcend functional references of the individual objects and to consider the work in relationship to landscape via material, process and physical interaction.

I am invested in the activity of mark making as a record, directly through the index of the hand and indirectly through the residues of firing. Traces and layers of process are evident through the residues of forming and firing, engaging in a visual and tactile dialogue that is discovered through use. Preserving the records of material change and contingent processes, these residual marks relate to the viewer through traces of touch and the history of the object. This engagement of the user through these layers feeds my ongoing passion of functional works.