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Katharine Payne – LH Project

Artist Statement

Inspired by objects of worship and religious iconography I invoke the rich material history of ceramics. Emphasizing relationships between concepts and material, I draw on the history of art, particularly the Italian Renaissance. At what point do we become the things we surround ourselves with and why do we feel fulfilled by them? I use ceramics to explore vanity, voyeurism and self-objectification and how they are imbedded in everyday objects. Viewers become iconic subjects themselves as rich, colorful surfaces, archways and taunting narratives surround them. Using the visual language of religious iconography like the triptych, the subject’s value and importance is heightened. I am fascinated by perception and how we create identity through the objects surrounding us. Intrigued by the fragile nature of self-perception and identity, my work critiques the psychological relationship between identity, objects and power.

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