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Stephen Braun – LH Project

Artist Statement

As I look back on why I make art and what themes I explore, I see change and consistency throughout the years. The change is seen in transitioning away from personal exploration, which became boring, to looking at issues that I am participating in and revolted by. The consistency observed is the need to explore tough issues and see where this activity takes me. I approach art as a vehicle to create a platform for conversation and change.

Another change is being confident and excited to explore new techniques and work at times away from my cloistered studio with other artists. Seeing how other artists work, techniques used and solutions that they have found has benefited my work in many ways, some overt.

Art has given me many great friendships and experiences which has added many dimensions to my like. It has given me a supportive community.

Making art is hard work and has never really gotten easier to make. I still get visceral responses when I make it, it keeps my attention and is still fun. For this I feel lucky.